Sewing Essentials

Where do I start?

When you do start to sew, you will be much better off if you have the correct tools.


Let's have a look at what would make your sewing project much easier to do.

Seam Ripper

The seam ripper was invented just for me - yes I use it a lot - I think 'if you sew, you need a seam ripper'.

It is so unsafe to use scissors, I have done this in the past and cut a hole right through the pieces I was trying to unpick - disaster.

I love my seam rippers, I have about 4 of them, the reason for this is, I put it down and then it disappears as thing do. Always make sure you replace the cap over the sharp end when not in use as these fab tools are really sharp.

So, you will definitely benefit from using one of these they are perfect for removing those stitches that you want to unpick.

Sewing Thread

There are many types and colours when it comes to thread.

The type in the photograph are the ones I use, I bought a large box of all different colours and they are really good quality.

Polyester cotton is my favourite one as it has a little bit of give in it so it is ideal for sewing most things, it is a good all rounder.

Cotton thread is firmer than polyester and some quilters favour this type of thread.

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a great item to own, if you don't have one then you can sew things by hand, it would just be a lot quicker by sewing machine and as I am impatient I have one...

I love my sewing machine - that's not it in the photo - machines now days can do so many things, they are very clever, my machine even threads it own needle, well it did until it got jammed, broke the needle and bent the needle threader, I will get it fixed one day.

They have a complete stitch library which is brilliant, buttonhole sensors and much more, obviously it depends on which machine you purchase as they all do different things.

There are also so many different feet you can buy, they all do different jobs, I personally love the walking foot, it threads the fabric using top and bottom feed dogs, it's great.