How To Box A Corner

A box corner doesn’t just apply to tote bags, it can be used for a variety of handmade items, it is a very easy and clever way of making a lot more room in something that would otherwise be quite flat.

If you are making a tote or a handbag, once you have sewn the edge seams together the bag would be very flat, but adding boxed corners would open it up no end.

Here I will show you how to box your bag corners, the following methods can be used on any item, such as:

  • Tote bag

  • Hand bag

  • Pencil case

  • Makeup bag

  • Clutch bag

And many more items where you need extra room for storing things.

Boxing Corners

Boxing corners of a bag is quite easy to do and gives the bag a great finish.

So, how do we box a corner?


There are two ways to box a corner, but I will show you the one I use the most.

Turn the bag inside out, get the top of the side seam and pull it over towards the opposite side seam at the bottom corner (so the bag will look something like a big triangle), this will give you the point at the bottom of the first side seam that you will be sewing with.


In the photo below, I have measured a 1" mark from one side to the other, sew across this mark back tacking at each end of the stitches for strength.

You can see in the photograph on the right the finished box corner.

Some people like to cut the excess fabric off, but I leave it alone.

I hope you understood this explanation, if you need any more help with boxing corners you can contact me here..., I will be happy to help you.