How To Attach A

Magnetic Snap

I love to use a magnetic snap as a closure for my bags, I find them very easy to assemble and I also like the snap closure of them.

The magnetic snap comes in four parts:

  • a part that stands out

  • a part that recesses in

  • two backing clips


Once you have worked out where you would like your snap to site, add a small piece of backing where it will go, you can use some spray glue or hot glue anything to hold it in place.

Now get one of the backing clips and lay it on the spot where you are putting your clip, mark the fabric through the two holes, take your scissors (I use my seam ripper) and just make small cuts where you have marked your fabric.

On the right side of the fabric, push the recessed clip through the holes, then put the backing clip over the lugs and fold both lugs outwards.


Using the same technique add the other clip where you want it to go.

If you are adding it to a flap over, make sure you measure correctly before cutting your fabric.