How To Make A Red Purse

Here is a lovely little project, we will be sewing a red purse with pockets for cards and money, it is very cute.



Name: Rosie


Here are the items I will be using:

  • about 5 pieces of red fabric

  • backing cotton fabric

  • interfacing (strong)

Name: Rosie

Step 1


For the front, back and flap here are the sizes you will need:

​Body plus backing - 4.5" x 6" (2 pieces)

Flap plus backing - 3.25" x 6" (1 piece)

Cut out the pieces.

Step 3

Take one of the coloured pieces and lay it right sides together and sew.

Once you have machined them, open the fabric up and give it a little press.

Step 2

Once you have sorted out your fabric, take one piece and cut out a five sided piece of fabric for the center.

This gives us five different pieces of fabric to add to each side.

Step 5

Following the line of the fabric, cut the piece retaining the five sides.

When adding the fabric, I like to work in an anti-clockwise direction.

Step 6

Grab your next piece of fabric and lay it right sides together ready for sewing. 

Step 7

Once sewn give it a little press and trim off the excess fabric as before.

Step 8

Add the next piece of fabric, sew and press open then trim.

I keep going round until all the pieces are in place. It doesn't matter if the edges are not straight, they will be once you have sewn them.

Step 9

Keep adding your pieces of fabric.

This fabric line isn't straight, but that's ok, just make sure you sew at the ends where the arrows are, it will be straight once it is sewn.

Once you have finished all your pieces, front back and flap, they should be looking good.


I have used a strong interfacing to give the front and back of the purse some strength.

We need to cut out 3 pieces of interfacing, one for the front, one for the back and one for the flap.

Cut out these pieces so they are around 1/4" short of the fabric where I will be sewing the edges together. If I cut the interfacing to fit the fabric, when it comes to sewing it all together, it will be too thick.

Iron your interfacing on, making sure the shiny side is facing down.

You can see on the photograph below how I have left the edges clear of interfacing.

Put these three pieces to the side now while we carry on with the middle inserts.

Well I hope you enjoyed following along with my tutorial, there are many ways you can change this bag, here are a few:

  • you can  keep the original handles of the canvas bag

  • you can add a lining to the bag before you sew the side seams

  • you don't have to add a pocket

There are many ways you can change this bag, if you do, share your creations with us here, we would love to see it.

Luv It!

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