April Sewing Journal

April has two Birth Signs:


  • Aries - March 21st to April 19th

  • Taurus - April 20th to May 20th

April Fools Day starts this month off with jokes and fun and we also have to think about Chocolate mmm... as Easter comes around with good Friday, the start of long weekend, plenty of time to have our Easter Eggs.

The Flowers of April are Daisys and Sweet Peas, very pretty.

The Birth Stone for April is the fabulous Diamond.

April Journal

Mini Scarf Neck Ties

I have just finished making some really cute mini scarf neck ties, I really like these, they are more of a fashion accessory than a warm scarf. 

I have made some more of these cute scarfs in different prints, you can find them in my store here...

I am selling them in packs of two and the postage is free so enjoy!

Cushion Covers

I have two cushions at home with no covers which has inspired me to make a couple of cushion covers.

I want to make something that is easy to get on an off for washing (as I often spill tea and bits of food oopps), but without a zipper, so I decided to make some envelope covers, they look just perfect for my needs.

So keep a watch on my site, I will show you how I did them.

Happy Days...

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